Beach House Spa


 tucked away at the end of Carolina Avenue on the Isle of Palms.

Beach House Spa offers many great therapies and treatments such as: Hot stone massage, reflexology, facials, microdermabrasion, body wraps and scrubs, and full body waxing. We also offer an assortment of package deals for individuals or couples. If you feel like spending the better part of your day pampering yourself, this spa is where you need to be. Beach House Spa is within walking distance to the beach and many hotels and eating establishments.

So come enjoy the island feel and laid-back charm of the Beach House Spa on your next visit to Charleston, South Carolina.

Established in 2009, we’re celebrating 11 years!

various therapies and treatments including individual and couples' packages.

Classic Facial —$85

Walk away with smoother, brighter and hydrated skin with our classic facial. Includes a deep cleansing, massage with steam and customized treatments for all skin types. (60 minutes)

Ultra-Sensitive Facial —$85

A calming and soothing facial for sensitive skin. Reduces inflammation and boost skin’s immunity preventing future irritation. Great for clients with rosacea. (60 minutes)

Skin Brightening Facial —$85

Improve your skins texture and appearance with powerful exfoliation, with the latest oil-soluble vitamin C and highly potent antioxidants and extracts. Decreases signs of aging and areas of hyperpigmentation. Great for all skin types particularly those with sun damage. (60 minutes)

Resurfacing Facial —$90

An aggressive approach to improve skins’ texture, treating hyperpigmentation and increasing hydration with the use of glycolic, lactic and salicylic acid. Level of treatment will depend on individual skin type. (60 minutes)

Medicated Cleansing Facial —$85

For oily acne prone Skin, this facial includes a deep, medicated cleansing along with customized treatments and extractions. Treats current breakouts while preventing new ones. A series of three to six treatments is recommended for optimum results until acne is under control. (60 minutes) Series of three to six —$70 each

Back Treatment —$90

All the benefits of facial for your back. Skin is left exfoliated, smooth and hydrated. Each treatment is customized for individual type. (60 minutes)

Aromatherapy Facial —$85

Natural essential oils are used in combination with customized treatments to refresh skin and relax the mind. Great for sinus congestion, headaches and sore muscles of the head, neck and shoulders. Not recommended for ultra-sensitive skin or those with conditions such as rosacea. (60 minutes) 

*All facials Include a deep cleansing, steam with massage, and extractions if needed. All treatments are generally 50 minutes or more.

Glycolic/Retinol Peel —$120

A mild to moderate professional chemical peel, this treatment will correct unevenness, hyperpigmentation and fine lines While firming Skin. Leaves Skin balanced, smooth and glowing. Mild redness and peeling may occur but is not indicative of the effectiveness of treatment. Great for all skin types, this peel can be adjusted in strength to suit individual Skin care needs. (60 minutes)

Salicylic/Lactic/Retinol Peel —$140

A moderate to strong professional chemical peel, this treatment will correct unevenness, hyperpigmentation and fine lines while firming skin. Leaves skin balanced, smooth and glowing. Client can expect skin to show mild to moderate redness and peeling over the course of one to two weeks. (60 minutes)

Add any of the following to your facial or treatments:

Skin Specific Serum —10

Eye Treatment —10

Hand Treatment —10

Essential Oil Scalp Massage —10

*Please ask any and or for any restrictions and or contraindications before making an appointment for any peel.

Spa Signature Massage

60 min. $85
90 min. $120
120 min. $160

This full body therapeutic massage incorporates regulated pressure to stimulate circulation, release knots and tensions in the body and leave you feeling relaxed and unstressed.

Warm Stone Therapy

60 min. $100
90 min. $140

Extremely relaxing – this smooth Stone back massage with aromatic oil brings stress release benefits to the mind and body.

Motherhood Massage —$85

Designed to relieve lower back pain Stress due to the normal body adjustments to pregnancy. (1 hour)

Ashiatsu Basic Barefoot Massage

60 min. $120
90 min. $160

Let Beth walk all over with this unique deep tissue massage.

Head, Neck & Shoulder Massage —$75

Relieves stress by focusing on the high-stress muscles of the upper back. (45 minutes)

Deep Tissue Massage

60 min. $115
90 min. $150

Personalized to your needs, targets muscle tension and soreness.
Improves flexibility and mobility.
Great for the athletic client.

Lymphatic Massage

The most effective treatment specifically designed for detoxification of the human anatomy.  Exclusively done with Patrick Lane

60 min. $120.00
90 min. $160.00

Sugar Glow —$120

Pamper yourself from head to toe with our natural brown body scrub. Skin is exfoliated, massaged and treated with natural brown sugar and replenishing oils leaving you with soft skin and a radiant glow. Perfect treatment to prep skin prior to a spray tan.

Salt Glow —$120

Natural sea salt and essential oils are massaged into skin to exfoliate and hydrate leaving skin smooth and hydrated. Perfect treatment to prep skin prior to a spray tan.

Men’s Facial —$85

Our classic facial Customized to suit individual Skin types. Treats and decreases ingrown hairs allowing for smoother, hydrated and clearer skin.

Mini Facial —$60

Men’s and Ladies’ (30 min.)

The Boardwalk Massage & Facial — $160

Beach House Spa Signature Facial and One-Hour Therapeutic Massage. (2 hours)

The Blue Moon Massage and Back Treatment —$195

The perfect combination – a Sugar-glow and Bacial and one-hour Therapeutic Massage. (1 hour, 45 min.)

The Big Kahuna — $285

One-hour Hot Stone Massage, Back Treatment and Signature Facial.Includes fruit and tea break. (3 hours)

The Star Fish Special — $315

Because you will feel like a star after our 90-minute Hot Stone Massage, Body Scrub, and Signature Facial. (3.5 hours)

Brows -$20
Eyelashes -$25
Brows and Lashes – $40

 Brow Sculpturing $20
 Lip or Chin $15
 Nostrils $15
 Ears $15
 Cheek $15
 Underarm $20
 Back $70
 Chest $30
 Half Arm $20
 Full Arm $30
 Bikini $40
 Brazilian $60
 Half Leg $40
 Full Leg $70

For best results, hair should be at least 1/4-inch long. You may not wax if currently taking Accutane (or within the last six months); Retin-A or Glycolic Acid within the last three months or any other Keratolytic medication that increases skin exfoliation, or if you have sunburned skin, or skin recovering from a recent laser peel or if you are diabetic.

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